Victorian Avicultural Council

The Victorian Avicultural Council (VAC) is an incorporated organisation (registration number A00178371) consisting of Victorian based bird clubs.


The VAC represents its affiliated clubs at all levels of government
Federal, State & Local on all matters of Aviculture.


The VAC is built on the unity of purpose, democratic debate and consensus policy-making.

Together, we represent many bird breeders and people take notice!


If we, the clubs, don’t communicate and co-operate with each other, then we each battle alone on many fronts.


The VAC currently represents thousands of bird keepers and breeders.
Any group of ten or more people may become affiliates upon the payment of the annual fee.


Affiliates are entitled to:

·        Send 2 delegates to the regular VAC meetings.

·        Vote on all matters requiring resolutions.

·        Copy of the Newsletter (including all minutes).

·        Receive all circulated materials.


In other words, have a say on matters affecting bird keeping in Victoria.


Does the VAC interfere with club business? NO!


The VAC is not a governing body.

It’s constitution clearly states that all affiliates retain full and complete autonomy.

The VAC works as a co-operative federation of clubs with each organisation – no matter how small or large – your club will have an equal say and equal vote!